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Editing or Deleting Unpublished Caches

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If there is another thread or already published listing for this, please send me that way...


1. I have a cache listing that is very generic. It is saved and unpublished. Or it could even be a published cache I think for these questions.


2. Now that I have seen so many other "cool" listings, I want to go back in and add some of those to my listing.


3. I am not seeing any way to add photos, border, embedded links, etc. after the listing has been saved or published.


4. Is there a way to do that?




5. Is there a way to totally delete the unpublished listing. I don't need it archived so I have to look at it forever. If starting over to get all the "cool" features I want is the only way to do it, then I would like to delete the now crappy listing.


Please help this Kansas cacher!!



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