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Good Hands

Repeater Frequencies

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you can go to your local ham radio store. they probably have a list of local repeaters and will be happy to sell you the ARRL Repeater Directory. What HAMs do most is talk, so they're usually happy to talk about repeater freqs and such.


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You might also try calling on 146.52 and see if anyone answers. If so, they will be local and should be able to tell you about the local repeaters.


Not too many people use simplex on a daily basis, but there are those of us who monitor or scan it regularly.


You can also search on www.arrl.org for a ham club in your area.


Of course the ARRL repeater directory is very handy. Repeaters throughout the country, neighboring areas, etc., and a lot of good general information. All in a very pocket sized book.


Good luck and 73's de Dave_W6DPS


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You may also look for the ARRL TravelPlus CD; it is a fairly recent source of repeater data, as well as some other stuff (like broadcast stations), and is GPS compatible.


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Originally posted by Good Hands:

How do I find the Repeater Frequencies in my area


If you are in the UK (you didn't say where you are) try this link UK Repeater List


For other countries, try their national societys web page.


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