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Depends. For one thing you appear to be in the UK. Or at least that's where your only cache is located. I prefer to buy local and would continue to do so unless you have something unique that I want.


Yes, if UNIQUE! I'm tired of looking through the same tired old stuff in search of something unique. I do not need you to buy a bunch of Lock-N-Locks and put GC labels on them for me. I don't need another supplier for nanos, bisons and key holders. Fake rocks are tired as are magnetic bolts.

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What are you going to have that all these guys don't have?


Yeah, he has a pretty good point there, the market is pretty saturated. I wish I would have thought of opening one in like 2004. :P You're going to need an excellent website, to make yourself stand out from the masses. And I'm sure becoming a Groundspeak authorized retailer helps a lot. I have no idea how to do that, but I'm sure that information is out there.

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You also probably want to get a few more caches under your belt and decide if you're going to stick with the game, before you jump in whole hog. Having only 4 finds tells me you haven't even begun to learn what to keep in your backpack, let alone what to stock in your store.

If I buy geocaching supplies, I'll buy them from Shop Groundspeak and help support my hobby.


Edit to add: You won't be able to advertise on this site, without approval, so you should look into the link I posted up above.

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