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Anyone have a kenwood radio a th-d7 or g ediotion

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Originally posted by michael80l:

how do you like it unload feed back to me


I use a TH-D7E (the "E" means it's a European version - useful when you live in Europe, as I do. icon_wink.gif


I like the radio, as I can chat on the 70cm repeaters, whilst leaving the GPS plugged into the TNC and beaconing on 144.800MHz (the APRS frequency used in the UK).


I've not used the DX Cluster monitor much but it seems like a usefull feature if you don't want to log onto the Cluster, but want to see what DX is about.


One thing I am not keen on is the SMA antenna connector. I use a BNC plug on the coax used in the car, so I need another adapter to connect the antenna to the Radio.


The receiver seems to be sensitive enough for most mobile work, although some users might want a bit more than 5 Watts when operating simplex.




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