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Solving Puzzles


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Ask the Cache Owner. The CO appears to be active, and seems to think the solution is obvious (the cache has a very low difficulty rating). So the CO may be happy to give you a nudge.


I have info on my own caches prepared to email, in case a cacher is stumped. Others probably do, too.

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I am absolutely horrible at solving puzzles. Besides asking others who have answered it - is there a strategy or resource?


You could do a search of the forums for "puzzle".


Then you would have found the excellent post by niraD, which should be made a sticky in each forum where this question comes up so frequently.


A recent thread, which contains niraD's excellent "puzzle primer" post:






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Heres what I learned, look at the given numbers in the coords. N 44° 54.020 W 093° 24.653 For the final GZ, it needs to be within a set range of the posted GZ. N 44° 5 & W 093° 2 should be a given. Compare the the puzzle clues and questions to the coords and work from there.


Hope this helps. Think I explained the idea.

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It's generally considered bad form to ask for the solution to a specific puzzle in the forums. The answer will stay out there forever. Best to contact the CO for a nudge, most times they want people to find their hides. Next best option is to check with a friend who has already found it. Discussions on general puzzle strategy is a bit different.

And someone will come along soon with their canned list of previous threads on the topic too, so I don't have to spend the time using the search function found in the top right corner of every page here. ;)


BTW I am pretty weak at puzzle solving too, and I found the key to this one in just a few minutes. Stick with it.

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