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Missing Travel Bugs in Archived Geocaches

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What happened to the Trackable items that were in GC1P4NB Fort Snelling State Park Wildlife Safari?




A cache by Minnesota State Parks - Hidden: 03/25/2009, which was archived 05/03/2012.

[Archive Note: Mn State Parks - Archive 05/03/2012 - State Parks and Trails Wildlife Safari ended 5/2/12. Watch for the new challenge, Avian Adventures, to start June 9, 2012.]


I'd like to see my Travel Bug, and the other items re-released into the wild, if possible.


8 TBs are missing:

- Bryony's Pink Bunny

- Meso

- Minnesota

- Remembering Christopher Reeves

- The Only Ladies Golf Club Tee

- Yellow Mailer Geocoin

- johngie's 2nd Released Geocoin

- In honor of Sgt. Maj. Barbaralien . Banks


GC3JXJN Fort Snelling State Park Avian Adventure was started up 05/07/2012.




Could the TBs be released into there?

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The trackables were probably not in the cache when the archive it. The State Park caches have always been big BLACK holes for TB. Most of the Parks have GPS loaded with the caches that they loan out to visitors. Which means that a lot of muggles become cacher for the day. They would find the cache and don’t know anything about traveler and end up taking them home with them. The Park did place letter in the box explaining TB, but as with most people don’t read instructions. The parks started a new program this year, which is why all of the Safari caches got archived.

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What NOSNOW said. The state park caches are great cache most of the time and are fun to find. They run a program to introduce people to caching and they change their caches out every couple years or so. This program is great for introducing, but tbs disappear from those caches like crazy because of the new cachers. It is always sad to see a travel bug go missing, but that is one of the risks taken when putting a tb into the wild. As for contacting the CO, that probably won't be much of help. The parks would have retrieved the containers from the safari and from there, I don't know what is done with tbs left in caches after retrieval. My best guess is that tbs are put into the new state park caches. Contacting the CO wouldn't help because each state park puts out and maintains their own cache. One final thing you can check, look at the date that your tb was put into the cache. If it was put in right before archival, there is a chance that the parks have it. Sorry for the loss, and best of luck on your tb returning.

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