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Butterfly 2012 Geocoin

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While not a butterfly 'expert', this does resemble (in part) the Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly. It does not, however, have the tail shaped projection from the hind wing. As in many species of 'flying' winged things in nature, the brighter blue is the male of the species while the female sports more browns and greys in wing coloring.


Only know a little about these since they exist in the Eastern area of North America and reportedly in ALL counties in Ohio, where I was born. I know a bit more about buckeyes than butterflies ... :laughing: ... need to know more ... Google 'Easter Tailed Blue Butterfly' images.


This butterfly is probably a morphed artist inspired version of the standard butterfly. They do come in just about every color, but the wing patterns of many are strikingly similar.

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If I remember right when the coin was up for sale the notes on it said it was inspired by the Great Mormon butterfly (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Mormon), a member of the swallowtail family.


Yes, you are correct. It was modelled after the Great Mormon and was by Cache Addict.


Checked with my geo-partner/SO who is the coin/tag collector. She bought the special edition of this one released at Geocoinfest 2012 Colorado. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?tracker=TB59QB4


Coloring is very different and the one she bought has both blue and blue/green glitter in places on the wings.

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