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Did Garmin development go on an extended vacation?

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The "Montana Software Team" and "Oregon Software Team" etc. makes it sound like Garmin assigns entire groups of people to each product. In reality those guys/gals are probably stretched pretty thin these days.


The old saying "Jack of all trades, master of nothing." seems to apply rather well to the software folks at Garmin.



And yes, after a year + of updates just about every two to four weeks (Montana), it seems like forever since the last one.

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Not really - they just haven't updated what YOU want lately ... :)See also...http://www.gpsinformation.net/allory/previous/12_2012.htmhttp://www.gpsinformation.net/allory/previous/11_2012.htm


Thanks. I used to get updates from Garmin via a RSS feed. It appears that feed is broken or no longer updated.

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Garmin has accustomed us with frequent updates. For error correction or new features. But now those updates have been less frequent. At least for the new etrex model that still has some bugs.

I hope that the Christmas holidays have been revitalizing for all guys from Garmin.





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Nothing like having a new product launch go awry while the world is watching.


Nothing like having an 18 month old flagship product still full of bugs and glitches while the world is watching waiting.....




That's par for the course with Garmin. Remember how long it took to get the Colorado usable. But people griping on forums doesn't hurt sales nearly as much as having a GPS do a whitescreen crash in the middle of a presentation.

The latter can be a much more direct cause for a developer to get fired whereas the units that are selling with bugs are just "ongoing problems". You can blame others in the tech industry for the mindset in 2013 to "ship it when it boots" rather than "ship it when it's done".



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it seems as if Garmin has stopped all firmware development / fixes? Does anyone have any info? I have not seen any updates come out since mid November.


lol, try being a Magellan GC owner. Been 18 months since Magellan last came out with a firmware fix for the GC.


I own earlier Magellan units - the eXplorist 600 and XL. Magellan actually locked out features (like waypoint projections) between regions. North American owners had to load the European firmware to get that and that was if you could find it. They only ever released one firmware update and the maps were never properly supported on the platform. I was quite happy when I switched to my Colorado (now my eTrex 30).


I do find Garmin is responsive to feedback, but they can be like another web service we all know when it comes to prioritizing features and fixes we don't always get what we want when we want it.


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