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First Geocoin found, confused.

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So, I have read the help files.


I have a Geocoin which I picked up.

It has a number on it.

I went to the inventory list of the cache, found the coin on the list.

I went to the coins home page and the first line of the page said "Use TB****** to reference this item" (asterisks are mine).

This "TB******" number is not the number on the coin.


Ignoring that, I went to the "log it" page and entered the number that was on the coin.


The coin appears in my inventory and in my logs.


what is the "Use TB****** to reference this item" for and why is it there?


Did I do it wrong?


This is waaay more confusing/too many steps than I thought...why? I think I will leave trackables alone from now on.


There should be a "I found a trackable" and a " I placed a trackable" button somewhere on the home page...you go there, enter the tracking number, the cache number and thats it...thats what computers are for...none of this 7 step procedure, it just sucked all of the fun out of it. And I Still dont know if I did it right.

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Every coin & trackable has a public code and a private code.


The private code is the one written on the coin, which you rightly entered to log that you'd picked it up. This code should be kept secret so that the only people who have access to it are the ones who have physically had the coin in their possession.


The other code beginning 'TB' is its public code and it can be given out freely in the event that you wanted to reference the coin online, say in this forum. I must admit, I don't have cause to do that myself so I tend to ignore that code.


There is an easier way to log trackables: from the home page, select Play from the menu, then Find Trackables. (Or just go to the top link Semper posted) That will bring up a page with three text boxes on, from memory it's the top one you can enter the code (either code) directly into, then 'Found it? Log it'

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You did fine :)


The tracking number (the one on the geocoin, or on the travel bug tag) is the "secret" number that allows you to move it around from the cache to your inventory. It also allows you to 'discover' a trackable if you see it somewhere but you don't retrieve it. The tracking number should be kept "secret", known only to those who have actually seen the item In Real Life - Don't put it into your logs, or in public places like the forums.


The TB number (which always starts with TB) is the public reference number. You can use that in logs, forums, facebook etc when you want to refer to the trackable item. Having the public reference number allows another cacher to see the details of the trackable (it will take them to its home page) but they won't be able to retrieve, or discover it - they will be able to add a Note log to the trackable's page.


MrsB :)


Edited to add "Snap!" :D

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The only time I picked up a trackable I never was able to log it because I kept being told that the OC# was not correct for the TB#. I did some querying and found that the OC was supposed to be associated with some other TB.


My eyes are good, and there was no problem reading the TB and OC numbers. They just didn't match.


Anyway, I put the TB back in the GC that I found it in and notified the CO for the GC. No more TBs for me. It's not what I'm out after anyway.

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