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Searching for my DNFs


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How do I do a pocket query just for my DNFs using the Geocaching.com site?

Not sure than you can search specifically for your DNF caches using the PQ parameters.


You could "bookmark" your DNF caches, then run a PQ from that bookmark.


You can find ALL of your DNFs from your Profile page [Your Geocaching Logs (All)], then [Didn't find it].

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On your profile it says:


Your Logs (Last 30 Days)


Show all logs for: Geocaches, Trackable Items, or Benchmarks


Click on the "geocaches" link.


The next page takes you to all these options:


Show: Announcement, Archive, Attended, Didn't find it, Enable Listing, Found it, Needs Archived, Needs Maintenance, Owner Maintenance, Temporarily Disable Listing, Update Coordinates, Webcam Photo Taken, Will Attend, Write note, All Logs


Click on "Didn't find it" and presto every DNF you have ever posted will be shown.

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This could get rolled into the discussion that I've started in the Features forum.


If they create the process I discuss, they could integrate a PQ system for your DNFs as well. DNF redemption is something we all hope for! :laughing:


Thanks very much.. Hopefully I'm going to tidy up some I've forgotten!

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