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When a found it log can be deleted

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Hello everybody,


I have a question for you concerning log deletion. Is it possible to delete a found it log which states that the cache was found using some external website where final coordinates are stored and available to see? There are at least two caches where the same log is. Moreover it is likely that the log was submited by some kind of robot.






Logs are in czech language.

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I would delete the log, especially as it has a link to the website.

I would report it to Groundspeak. (Not too sure what they can do, but at least they would be aware of the site)


I wouldn't bother emailing the cacher that logged, unless they contacted me after the log was deleted.

Only if they re-logged without the link, or mention of the spoiler site, would I let a log from them stand.

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Technically, I think you are only able to delete their online log if their signature is not on the physical logbook.


However, if this was my cache, I would not only delete their online log, I would send them a nasty email and report them (and the spoiler website) to Groundspeak. :)

Technically you can can delete any log that appear to be bogus, counterfeit, off-topic, or otherwise inappropriate.


Inappropriate has been understood to be anything in violation of the Terms of Use for Geocaching.com. In particular section 4(m) deals with spoilers and I would guess that could cover links to spoiler sites.


Of course without the mention of the spoiler site there is little you could do. There is also little Groundspeak can do about the spoiler site.


As I have stated before, there are spoiler sites for video games and other online puzzles, so it would be odd not to find them for geocaching. I still don't quite understand the phenomenon of them being so popular in central Europe and people there eager to share them by putting links in their find logs. Elsewhere these sites are treated as secrets and only shared with trusted friends. Perhaps after all the years of communist rule, people in these now democratic countries feel the need to boast at how they stand up to authority.

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You can also delete a log if you have a challenge cache and the person is logging it without completing the criteria.


I'd just delete the log if the signature is not there and report. If its a super obvious situation where the person is completing the impossible and blatantly lying, I have seen Groundspeak delete the finds and the account.

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Have you checked to see if they've actually signed the log? I suspect they haven't. But in any case, I'd delete them, especially the ones that are duplicated (three "found it" logs on the same day, that's a no brainer) or logged after the cache was archived. I saw two examples where there were three separate "found it" logs after the cache was archived. Pretty ridiculous. I'd report both the cheating user and the cheat website to Groundspeak.




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If you think a log is bogus, delete it. If the cacher that wrote the log complains to GS, they will probably contact you, and ask you what the issues are. Contrary to what some folks think, the people at the Lilly Pad are generally reasonable.


Since the logger appears to have found 15.000+ caches in a 24 hour period, I really doubt if anyone at Groundspeak will take anything he may say seriously. He is obviously lying. Frankly, I am surprised that you felt the need to ask about this character's logs.


As far as the spoiler site is concerned, there is nothing that GS can do about it. They don't own the WWW, are not the official Internet Police, and can't force anyone to take down or change a site they (GS) do not own. You can tell them, but that's where that issue will end.

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If you think a log is bogus, delete it. If the cacher that wrote the log complains to GS, they will probably contact you, and ask you what the issues are. Contrary to what some folks think, the people at the Lilly Pad are generally reasonable.


The whole account is bogus, it has been created just for this spamming (even the name - translated it means You Will Find It!). He timed it really nasty - the local reviewers and cachers filled complaints as soon as this started (around 0:30 local time (GMT+1) on Jan 1, 2013) but so far this account is alive and spamming, probably because the New Year celebrations/holiday at HQ.


The caches which did not delete his logs were visited 3 times so far, those (like me) who delete his logs have a repeat visit approximately 1 hour after the log deletion. It really puts me off, and I have only 1 cache affected by this (some people stopped deleting the logs after round 3 since they periodically appear on their 40+ caches).


However, I am still afraid that even once the account is blocked/archived, the logs will remain. We had a similar situation last year - a cacher called "mszm" claimed to log thousands of caches by accident through GSAK. The logs that were not deleted by the owners are still there, even there was no account activity since Sep 19, 2012... One has to wonder it this was not just a "test run" for this, especially when he did not hunt after that.

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I reported them to Groundspeak as well. This is a bot logging. Their account should be shut down immediately. It is abusive behavior and I really shame that it came from my country.

I really enjoy caching in your country, although I have only found a handful of caches in a small area.

There are black sheep everywhere, no need to feel ashamed.

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