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Mystery gift!


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I recieved one also--THANKS Mystery Coiner!!!



Edit to add: Lake County, Ohio


We found one in our mailbox today in a big silver envelope! Thank you so much to the generous giver. What a great way to start 2013!! :D May good fortune come back your way in the coming year!



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wow!! excellent coin with lots of meaning!!!


The name sound african.. actually it sounded like some african currencies... :) after a small search... and hoping I am right... it is a celebration of african americans... right? it is in the end of december for 7 days... the 7 candles represent the 7 principles of the Africans and each day they light a new candle.. the candles have the colours of the UNIA flag.. the pan african flag! the red represents the blood that unites all africans.. the black is for the people and the green for the rich land of Africa! even the candlestick symbolizes the stalks of corn that branch off to form new stalks, much as the human family is created.


so it is an excellent coin for a celebration not so well know to some people.. but with lots of meanings and symbols!!


congratulations to the happy receivers and bravo to the mystery maker!! by that we learned about it too.. :)


I hope I am not ruin anything the mystery maker was going to do... by giving the info!!

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We had a mysterious silver envelope in our mailbox yesterday too!! :rolleyes:


I don't have a picture but the other side says "Seasons Greetings!" with the same initials that was on the envelope....not sure exactly what they are... HH or maybe JJH????? Anybody got a clue about the initials???


Many thanks mystery person, you brought a big ol' :lol: to our faces!!

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I got one too! Beautiful coin. I have to admit that I recently sent a complaint letter to a company that has the initials "HH" so when I saw those letetrs as the only return addy info, I thought it was going to be a reply to that letter. But it was a great surprise instead! Thanks so much to the mystery giver.

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I received one of these today! I have not had the expendable income the past year like I had before because I have been in grad school full time without the ability to work.... and have made myself stop buying coins as a way to save. I really appreciate this kind gesture. Thanks so much mystery coiner.

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i'm not sure how it happens, but just when you are having a crummy day, here on only the second day of the year; you mope along to the mail box and a mystery coin has arrived. in the box was this subtle satin-looking envelope that had a coin-like lump.


i thought, nah, not me, really?


yes indeed there was the mystery Kwanzaa coin. it is a lovely soft silver - satin or frosty? the back says "seasons greeting, HH" and is satin lettering on a silver pebbly background. i'll get out the camera and take photos soon.


the timing could not have been more perfect. thank you so much for brightening up my new year!



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I received one of these wonderful coins today too! When I opened up the silver envelope & saw the little manila envelope taped inside I thought maybe it was a late Christmas present from a coiner friend. But thought it was weird that there was no letter inside. Tore open the manila envelope & the cute little coin didn't offer me any clues as to who sent it. That's when I took a closer look at the envelope to see if it had a return address and noticed the big HH or JJH letters but no return address. And that's when I remembered mystery coins! That's how long I've been out of the geocoin loop :) Thank you for thinking of me. The coin is adorable and I love it :)

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Well well well it looks like the mailman was very busy today. I received a card from my son in Portugal and I also received a silver envelope with this very nice coin inside! Thank you so much mystery coiner! Big hug to you!!!


I think that the HH must stand for Happy Holidays!

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It'd been so long since I'd gotten a Mystery coin that my first thought upon receiving an envelope that clearly had a coin inside was to try remember if I still had any eplace auctions yet to arrive! I got it open and discovered I was the recipient of another awesome mystery coin!

The reverse matches exactly last year's Noel coin, and with two of the three major December holidays commemorated, I can help but wonder if there is a third coin on tap for next year.

Thank you Mystery giver for these two awesome coin gifts, and for helping to bring Happy Holidays to so many others as well!

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