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Bringing in the New Year!

Jedi Cacher
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Thought I would do a give away to bring in the New Year. Starting now, till tomorrow evening 1/1/13 at 8pm Mountain time to sign up. Just say you want in, on this thread. I will take all the geonames at the deadline and do a random draw. My youngest (PandaPrincess7) will draw the name. I will then post the winner and get the mailing information. The winner will receive the very first official South Dakota state Geocoin as designed by me. It is brand new and unactivated. Happy New Year! :D




Count Me in too!

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Okay everybody! It is about half an hour past 8PM mountain time. Everything is in order and time to do the drawing. I think it is pretty awesome to receive 66 responses on such short notice. Just for that, I have decided to draw for 2 coins. :D


Drum roll please! :o

The winners are Bartians and AlliedOz

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everybody who participated. And of course, Happy New Year!

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Well, I was just getting ready to head to bed and did a quick browse of the forum and got quite a nice New Year's Day surprise.biggrin.gif Couldn't believe seeing my name in the winner's circle. This coin looks absolutely stunning, and I'm honored to be selected as a co-winner of this cointest. Thank you Jedi Cacher for your generosity and for hosting this event. I am relatively new to geocaching and geocoin collecting. I read daily the forums and am amazed by the kindness and generosity of this group. I am frequently uplifted by the words spoken here. Thank you to everyone and especially Jedi Cacher.

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Congrats again to the winners and thanks to everyone that participated. Looks like I am shipping one coin stateside and the other one overseas to Australia.


I have had a few inquiries this morning about how to get a hold of one of these coins. If you are interested just send me a message through my profile. I can then send you out a paypal invoice. The coins are $10 plus shipping and handling fees. They come in Silver metal with blue accents and Gold metal with red accents.



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