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Magellan HAT from Treasure Hunt GPS Contest 4sale

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I am offering up for bid (on ebay) my Magellan hat from the Magellan Treasure hunt. Starting at .99 cents. Hubby likes and wears his but I thought it would be much better looking than it is so won't ever wear it. I mean really it looks like a guys hat what with it being tan. You'd think since they are promoting their new color GPS it would be more colorful. OKay, I guess it just a guys hat and that's that. So anyway here's your chance at one of those hats if you missed out. BTW- it came from the Detroit, MI treasure hunt. Thanks for your time, Kelly



The front sports a black, white, & orange embroidered logo of "MAGELLAN, Color GPS, See the Difference" and the back embroidered part says "www.magellangps.com" in white thread. The inside label does not show a size but I would assume it is one size fits most since the back has the adjustable snap fit that is usually seen on hats of this style. It is made of 100% cotton fabric and has nice stitching, and a sturdy brim.


Item number: 3054526772

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Originally posted by rayt333:

Sounds like it would be a great trade item for a first finder of a new cache.


Hi Ray333,

That is what I was thinking to use it for my first cache as a first find. I might be tempted to keep it but I almost always wear a Tilley.


Geocachers do it with coordinates!

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Originally posted by AGREATSCOT:

I just bid on it, I like it! Where in Michigan was the Cache? I used to spend a lot of time in Southfield and Troy when I worked for EDS.


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It was over in Dearborn in a park there. The treasure chest stayed behind for a long time before MiGO picked it up. I have pix somewhere of the chest....I guess I should look for them. I actually did think of making it a first finders item if it didn't sell but this is probably a better way to make sure it goes to someone who really wants it.


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