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"Cultural Crossings"

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Cultural Crossings is a geo-cache event that brings the users onto the Spirit Trail in North and West Vancouver districts, and encourages cross-cultural dialogue here on this forum. The Skwxwu7mesh Uximixw, otherwise known to non-indigenous people as "The Squamish People", have co-existed in these lands since time immemorial, with the land, the waters, and the many diverse living creatures from plants to animals.


Cultural Crossings is intended to create a dialogue about the space the exists between the two worlds that are intersected between the community living at Welch and Capilano Roads, and the broader communities of people traveling through the Spirit Trail. It is my intention to nurture dialogue through this forum and to bring the users of this game together here in cyber-space, to collaborate in saving our environment and doing so with our Skwxwu7mesh Protocols, our Chiax, as well as through respecting and honouring the fact that we are all human, and we all require the environment to continue existing.


The game will be an introduction between the Skwxwu7mesh people and the geo-caching community who participates in this game, and from there we all learn about each other and how to help raise awareness of cultural dialogue as well as about the restoration of wetlands on this shoreline and others.


Please leave feedback and please dialogue!


huy chexw a! (trans: thank you!)



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As this is not really a getting started topic, I am moving this to the Canadian Forum as it appears based in the Skwxwu7mesh area in Canada

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