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F/S Garmin GPS 12 With Combo data/power cable

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Howdy all. I'm currently bidding on an upgrade unit and want to offer my trusty GPS 12 for sale here first. Package deal, $100 and I'll pick up the priority USPS shipping to your house.


If your looking for a great starter unit, the GPS 12 is a great stable GPS. With a clear sky it shows EPE under 10. I will preload it with 500 Geocaches in your Zip code as well.


Take Care.



(btw, we can take Paypal or work something out)

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Ok.. Good news, I won.. Bad news.. I spent more then my budget.. (better news.. I think I got a good deal..) Bottom line, I need to sell the Garmin 12. It is in great shape and would be a great backup gps or starter unit for someone who needs one.


Can I get a bid for 90? shipping included

(GPS 12, PC Combo Data/Power cable, 500 of your closest Geocaching Waypoints.)


ME.. (BTW if anyone is worried, My wifes Ebay ID is RoseGarland with 100% Positive on transactions)

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Originally posted by rayt333:

Maybe you got a good deal on the new one but you are asking $90 for a $50 GPS which is not a good deal. (Well for you it would be)


I would only argue that I have seen gps 12's on Ebay in the 70-80$ range. I'm willing to sell it lower but 50 seems much too low. NIB around 100. I'm willing to haggle if anyone wants to make an offer.. ;-)

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I wasn't trying to start a debate here, but the fact is this unit has not been updated by garmin since 2000 and is only available as new from very old stock since Garmin hasn't sold these for long time. And just because one person is willing to pay $80 for something doesn't mean others are. Some people get into a bidding war and drives the price way too high, that does not mean the item is worth that much. I have bought newer GPS's that is better then the #12 in the $50 to $60 range. I do not need this unit, I was just stating you may be setting yopur price too high which is why not many has shown an interest. If you can hold onto it until a buyer comes along willing to pay more then it worth then by all means do that, but if you are in a hurry to sell it then set the price along a more reasonable price range and you will sell it quick.

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Rayt333.... Your right. And I am also not wanting to debate.. ;-) I'll just put it on Ebay and post the link. If anyone wants to bid.. I can attest to the use of the unit and such. Thanks for your point of view.


(I think its worth the ammount because I truly like the way it works. However, I would want to get a better deal as well. Guess, thats human nature..)


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