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Geocaching in Venice

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I travel there quite often for business.

A nice TB hotel at the airport - make that a definite. The streets are difficult to get a good GPS fix with a GPSr - but a number of caches are in open piazzas (squares) and can be found - otherwise you just need to use a good geo-sense when looking for caches - and also having a map print out to get an idea of the location (which corner of an intersection, nearby landmarks etc.). Just makes finding them a little more difficult :ph34r: . Most are nanos too.

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Thanks for the tips. My goal is to get as many as I can and I've wanted to see the location of the Snail anyway.

I didn't know about the airport TB, so I'll have to check that one out.


I'll be arriving on May 8 and leaving on May 15. If anyone is interested in meeting for a caching trip in Venice during that time, please contact me.

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