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The Bluenose Project custom group geocoin

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If anyone in Nova Scotia is interested in creating your own personal trackable geocoin at a fraction of the normal cost, take a look! All expatriate Bluenosers are welcome as well! For that matter, if you just want a custom geocoin and you like the looks of the reverse side of the coin, then you're welcome to join in too!


The Bluenose Project will allow interested cachers to design their own personalized coin sharing a common coin face. You will have full control (subject to Groundspeak approval of course) of your side of the coin, and I will provide the back side with tracking info, etc. Minimum order would be 25 coins.




If anyone is interested, please send and email to palehorsedesign@gmail.com and I will get in touch with you about the details. I would like a total commitment of 500 coins from the participants to proceed. If we can get 1000 coins ordered, we'll get our own custom prefix (BP????). Deadline for participation will be February 28th. The coins will be finished and shipped well in advance of next year's mega event in Fredericton, New Brunswick (to allow everyone the chance to trade their new coins).

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