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How do I get premium for free?


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Posters, please don't suggest trying to get in illegally.


Premium Members are elitists.


I think "PMO's are elitists" is a little bit more accurate. As a premium member, I don't think I am better than any other geocacher and because of this, I will never put out a PMO.


I happen to agree with this, but the fact is that non-geocachers can go and look for basic caches without even creating an account. Because of this, I have made a select few caches as PMO. These are caches that are custom built and that I won't be able to replace if they are lost. I'm simply not willing to chance some guy that has had a free app on their phone for five minutes and has no real idea of what geocaching is about, messing with these particular caches. All of my other caches can be replaced, so I leave them as basic caches and will replace them if something happens.


Premium should be for extra/better site services. It shouldn't have anything to do with being permitted to have the coords of a cache.


If you think it does maybe you can convince gc.com to give you cash back on every missing pm cache.


I'm trying to make a distinction between geocachers and those that are playing a smartphone game for a single evening. If you have created and validated an account and presumably have an understanding that geocaching is not just a treasure hunting fad that you play on your smartphone until you get bored, and you then made the decision that you don't want, need or see the value of being a paying member, I don't look at you any different than any other geocacher. I think that it is a shame that I have to hide a few of my caches from you, but I did not create this situation. Groundspeak did. As long as I have the option, I'll use it.

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