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Christmas Caption Competition

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Captions wanted;




Winner to get a Founders Gnome Tag - Jeremy that was actually handed to me by the man himself and it's never ever been washed!




Small print - I make the rules and it's up to me who wins.



"I bet our owner has given us a bum steer......I say it's only a cache and not a bone in there!"

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She bent over so far I could see the light from her bleedin nostrils!


The dogs and I have never seen a cache container like it :blink:


Two into one doesn't go.


All I remember was losing the GPS signal, a blinding light, and then the paramedic asking if I was ok.


The cover of a German DVD, Frau Hilda does Geocaching ... ooooo I am Herr Schmidt I have cumz to fix your GPS, I vill helpz you lookz for yor batteriez. :o


And I think i'll leave it there before reality and fantasy blur ...

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