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Trackables that are for discover only?

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I enjoy logging trackables. If I come across more than one I take a photo so I have the number (takes work) , post it, and am considerate to let owner know I found it and where it was. Especially if it has been missing for awhile.

If I take a tbI pretty much do the same. (I don't show the tracking number in photos).


Since this summer I have come across many "trackbles" that are for discovery only. I don't get it. I take the time and make the effort only to find out "who cares"? it can't be logged as found or moved. I have moved a few because I didn't know they don't want to be moved until I access the records on my computer once home from my vacation, for example.


I have had some that say don't move me, or this is a copy ...the original is in another cache so discover only...don't retrieve or grab., I found 2 CITO containers recently in the same town. They said don't move them but had a tracking number. When logging them I "discovered", BUT they had the same number. They had been discovered in other states as well, at the same time. I logged 2 but only 1 is on my list as they were identical.


WHY??? What is the point of these? :mad:


I am getting to the point where I am suspicious. When on vacation I certainly don't want to waste my time on these.


I do find "copies' of tb's but understand they disappear and the owner is protecting their investment. Still there is only 1 copy floating around. That is different.


Can anyone explain this? If you look at my account you can see several since November.

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Well for some of us, it would mean that you took a person/backpack/car from the person it belongs with, so folks I've met have some very nice coins that they want to share, but not release to get lost/stolen.

There should only be one item with per trackable number in circulation at any given time, those that use the same TB number on a number of items run the risk of getting their number shut down.

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