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Developing swamp earthcache

Dr Zagy

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I would like to develop an earthcache in my country Croatia. It is a nature park and it is a swamp. I have found some informations about geology on internet, but when I went to the site, there are only info about flora and fauna. The nature park is made between 2 rivers that are confluating and making a swamp. In my country it is a nature park since 1997. There are no earthcaches 50 km around so it would be nice to have one in this area.

My question is: can I make an earthcache although there are only info tables about flora and fauna at the site?

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I think you can. But if the information tables only talk about flora and fauna, you will have to provide the geological lessons in your cache description.


You will have to make sure the cache location connects to the geology lesson you want to teach. Say, for example, you want visitors to learn about how swamps develop. What will they see at the location (or locations) you select that will help them apply this lesson and help them answer your questions?


You can still ask questions about the information board (including flora and fauna) to confirm that they actually visited your earthcache and did not simply gather the information off the internet. But in order to get your cache published, the focus will have to be on geology.


Does that help?

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The geological approach I would take on this would be…

1. Focus on the clay soils that create the impermeable basin for holding the water.

2. Check for areas that show soil modeling. [looks splotchy]

3. Use the existing flora and illustrate the relationship to hydroponic soils.


Take a look at this GC34N38 EC LAND USE GEOLOGY and MAN and see if you might be able to get and additional idea or 2 from it.


Hope this helps...

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Hzoi is absolutely correct, info boards are not necessary, and in fact, can sometimes actually detract from an EarthCache. Developing observationally based logging tasks is key. Swamps are tough to make into good EarthCaches, because often there isn't much information available (on site, online, in books, etc.) about the geological setting at the coordinates. It can be done though -- Good luck! :)


(If this is your first EarthCache, I might recommend NOT starting with a swamp one, because they are difficult.)

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Sorry to butt in again, but I wouldn't recommend copying anything "word for word" from any resource (including another EarthCache) into a newly submitted EarthCache. Please refer to updated Guideline #8:

"8. Respect Trademarks and Copyright and only use text, images or logos if you have permission. EarthCaches with information that is copied from other sources, plagiarized, or used without proper attribution will not be published. Limited amounts of text may be quoted, but must be properly attributed. (link to Help Center)" (http://www.geosociety.org/earthcache/guidelines.htm)

Even if permission has been granted, things are attributed, quoted, etc., depending on how it's done, copy-and-pasting rarely makes for a good EarthCache :)

Best wishes, and thanks for helping out the O.P.



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