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Deleting logs in "Profile"

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When I looked on my profile page I see where in a couple of cases I double logged a find. Any suggestions on how to delete one of the logs?


You need to go to the log itself.


Once you've found the cache page where the log you want to delete is, there will be the options "View / Edit Log / Images Upload Image" at the bottom right of the log.


Click on "View / Edit Log / Images" and you will be taken to the place where you will see a pencil (edit), a red x (delete) and a photo frame (uploade image).


Click on the red x to delete the log. You will be asked "Are you sure you want to delete this log entry?". The choices are "Cancel" or "Yes".


Looks like you've got 13 duplicate "found it" logs recorded:


budbon has found 122 caches (109 distinct) since 07/22/2010.


It could be that you might have logged a "found it" more than twice on a cache.



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I have GSAK. Can you edit the duplicates there and then have GSAK update my list in my profile? Where can I find this list on Geocach.com?

I don't think GSAK can delete logs from the website. In your database of found caches, you can add the "Found count" column to easily find the caches with multiple logs (they'll have a count of greater than 1). You'll then need to visit the cache page for each of the ones you've identified, find the duplicate log(s), and delete them.

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I've got some housecleaning to do. Where did you find the duplicate logs?


I didn't find your duplicates. I merely quoted the stats found on your profile:




This issue arises a lot in the forums. You could try a search for "duplicate logs", and should be able to find lots of threads.


Another thing you might want to do is run the special "my finds" query. This has also been mentioned a lot of times.


Pocket Queries:



2.1. An Introduction to Pocket Queries



A special query is available, My Finds. This query is found at the bottom of the Pocket Query page, in the grey background pane. It will return all the caches you have found, with no limit on that number, and it will return archived caches. It will return all of your log entries on those caches.




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I have GSAK. Can you edit the duplicates there and then have GSAK update my list in my profile? Where can I find this list on Geocach.com?


You will need to do the work of deleting duplicate logs manually from the cache pages.


Once you've done that, then the your statistics will be updated on the site, and presumably in GSAK.




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