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Must-Do Caches in Florida?


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If you want to spend a day finding caches in the "real Florida" and not cruising guardrail power trails or strip mall parking lots I highly recommend the Crew Rookery series in the Naples area (about an hour south of Venice). These is the listing for final bonus cache: http://coord.info/GC343JW . It is a 13 mile hike, for 35 caches, through the Florida swamps on an elevated tramway and the wildlife and scenery are simply amazing, especially after you get a few miles out. During the winter you should be able to stay dry and reach most of the caches. You will have to do all the bird puzzles ahead of time (from the map the series is shaped like a bird). Take a look at the logs and the pictures. It is a very memorable experience.

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BY FAR, the best creative caches I've seen are on the west coast of Florida, near Tampa in the town's of Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs area, the caches that are must do..... and I mean MUST.. Are caches by Cachemedics. Look up their trailname, and check out all the FAVORITES points. Their Christmas Cache is my favorite. I still have several I need to find, and they do frequent maintenance, and upkeep. You can spend all day just doing their most popular caches, and they are practically drivebys, but very unique handcrafted caches.....

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