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Ok. I've done my due diligence. I've searched all of the Waymarking help and forums for rating, rate, favorite. The Glossary mentions rating a waymark. But I do not see any way to rate a waymark. I am a premium member, so I should have everything present.


I've found out how to make categories favorites of mine. Fine. But what allows one to pick the number of stars on a waymark visit? Is that something we can do? Or is it decided by some other process?


Just in case it is not possible to do it on a waymark that I've already logged but only on new visit logs, I began a visit log on a waymark that I hadn't visited, and I still do not see anything that allows me to rate the waymark. What am I missing?

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Yes, I have visited it. I see nowhere where I can select a rating. I am a premium member. The previous visitor is a premium member (and geocaching friend) and he was able to add a rating.


Apparently this feature is currently broken. I've tried both Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 10.0.10. I can see that some waymarks have the User Rating column and some do not. But there is no way to enter or select a rating for a waymark that you've visisted.


Oddly enough, I think that I remember when I first came to the site and logged a few waymarks that when I hovered the cursor over that area it would start to fill in 1 to 5 stars; and I wasn't even a premium member at the time. But it doesn't do that (anymore?).


I have selected several categories as favorites. But it looks like it isn't possible to rate a specific waymark itself.

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Well it's good to know that I ain't going nuts. The more I thought about it, I was sure that sweeping the cursor in that area (when it shows User Rating) would fill in the stars, starting from the leftmost and filling in to the right -- but only temporarily unless/until you clicked on a star to register your vote.

Doesn't do that any more. Since it isn't mentioned in the helps or elsewhere in the forums, perhaps it isn't a complete feature or has been disabled. Not a big deal.


(Come to think of it, I thought I rated at least one waymark a few weeks ago, but I don't know how to find out which one(s) I might have rated. Getting old!)

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Just to lob in my 2 bahts worth, I have never liked the "rating" option, and generally do not use it when it I can avoid doing so. I am thinking specifically of hospitals. How can I rate a hospital, and on what basis should anyone rate a hospital? I cannot fairly judge its worth, and even if I could, so many ancillary factors would need to be considered that any rating would be meaningless. I realise that this opinion flies in the face of modern business practice, where everything is assigned a rating, such as Australian universities, which are rated in a bewilderingly complex fashion that resembles more the "Da Vinci Code" than anything of worth, but I digress.


If you feel that the waymark is of note in some fashion, either good or bad, write a few words in the description, eschew ratings.

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Seems to me that that thinking is too general. Consider that each category allows or disallows ratings.


Obviously, rating churches and cemeteries doesn't make sense, and borders on sacrelige at least. Rating anything medical (e.g. hospitals) would be shocking to most folks (although I have a different opinion on that myself!), so any such categories would disallow ratings.


But what about restaurants? Or tourist trap type of entertainments? Those things are rated very often in other venues. Why not allow Waymarking.com folks to rate them as well.


Making a blanket statement that ratings don't make sense is not considering the wide range of categories. Ratings don't make sense in a lot of categories. That does not mean that they don't make sense in every category.

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