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cache sizes for an event

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I am relatively new to caching - just over 300. I was wondering about cache size choice when placing them for an event . having found quite a few almost immediately following a local event, And some long after other events, i have noticed the majority are smalls or regulars . however, they are , in every case but one, devoid of swag. this is totally not a snarky question, but why would someone place a regular sized cache if it's only going to have a log book inside it? some of them were pretty big - gallon sized.

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A confusing post, but I'll go with it.

Events do not, and cannot have a listed size. Your only choice is 'Not Chosen'. Personally I think this is not right, having been to more than a few events that actually had containers that needed to be found.


Now, I think you are actually referring to caches placed in conjunction with an event, yes?

People will put out a large container with little or no swag to allow a place for larger trackables! :)

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yes, the latter is what I was getting at.


sorry it is confusing!

here's an example of what i mean.



cool hide, cool trail. I am not complaining about the hide at all- just wondered why one would place a regular sized cache without any swag .


Can't afford swag?

Hoping others will fill it?

Swag already taken by a cacher or muggle?


It's not ordinary for someone to hide a large cache and not put something in it, hidden in conjunction with an event or not..

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I'm seeing that more and more, even ammo boxes with only a logbook and a pencil. I think some people are simply fed up with seeing their once nicely stocked caches depleted to the point where they contain nothing but a paper clip, a few pennies and an expired Sanka coupon.

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