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Unknown mark


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A friend of mine got this mark at a flea market recently, and showed it to me. I've never seen one like this before, and never heard of this agency before. The disc is big, like 6 inches across.


I'm guessing the predecessor to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.


Anyone know anything about it?






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That is an interesting mark, and I am wondering if it is a showpiece or promotional/training object due to the size of it. Googling the name on the disk turns up that the "Air Photographic and Charting Service" was a map making arm of the U.S. Air Force. They help make maps for the Air Force all over the world, which were useful for pilots and missiles/bombs.


Air Photographic and Charting Service (APCS)


Mapping the world providing accurate aerial charts to military aviators wherever they need to be. Also producing all Air Force training films; public relations films; monthly newsreels, and coordinating with private filmmakers with regards to use of Air Force equipment and facilities.




This link below has a timeline of the APCS, including notable accomplishments:




This was interesting reading, thanks for sharing.

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I notice two things. It has a punch mark for the precise location, which was not cast into it. It seems strange that someone would punch it if it was never set.


Second, it has the vent air hole that USC&GS only used from about 1952-1969 (See George's paper on history of disks). It seems likely the USAF followed them on this idea, and those dates match well with the timeline LSUFan linked.

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