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USB Drive COIN! - Group Project

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I had this idea some time ago and have finally put the needed artwork together. This is a COIN and not a functioning USB drive. Although I am trying to get it sized to be actual USB size.


The back will have standard geocaching.com logo and tracking info the front will be 100% custom, you also pick the color in the smaller area to match your artwork. You can use what artwork you want within reason (artwork approved by Groundspeak).


The cost of the coins would be:

100 coins - $ 6.71 each

50 coins - $ 7.61 each

25 coins - $10.21 each

*(Shipping internationally will be billed separately at full rate of actual shipping)

Please send email to info@cacheaddict.com if you are interested. I do not have a timing for the project yet, right now I an seeing it we can put enough together to fund the project, we need at least 500 coins ordered in total.







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Cute! I like it!! Right now though until I have made a dent in the Christmas bills I couldn't commit to it. Well maybe I will have to buy a lottery ticket and cross my fingers. LOL


Nice design, Mike. When is the Thunderbolt version coming out? ;)

This is a chance for you to make a semi-custom coin, sign up and you can get 25, 50 or 100.

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Reconsidering, based on the price structure and the timing after the Xmas season and cash flow.... we'd more likely do the 50.


How would the artwork for the personalized side be handled ?? Cost (extra) ??


Posting here since several folks may have the same question/s.


What about trades, etc, as done in the last multi-event project ??

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