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GSAK! Do people still use it?

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I have only worked with it a little but I found a use which made it valuable. There is a series of fifty-some puzzle caches which I solved one rainy day. Using GSAK it was easy to load their updated coordinates, but I couldn't a way to do it with just a pocket query. Otherwise, I don't use it much and I don't even use pocket queries all the time. If I'm downloading 20 caches I can do them one at a time in less than two minutes (and I've never found 20 in a day).

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I've been using GSAK for a few years & find it very useful. I can keep all relevant caches in Australia up to date over a period of a week from two listing sites & use one macro to update GSAK.


Polygon filtering is excellent as it allows you to define the areas you wish to visit & alternatively, to avoid permanently.


I haven't upgraded to V8 as am happy with the way things are.


I should add that I use a Magellan 710 which is also my in car navigator & supports paperless caching. My smart phone is designed for good reception in country areas in particular & the only geocaching use I put it to is for caches listed on the Geocaching Australia site.

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WE go on a lot of caching trips and GSAK is virtually indispensible. You can quickly go through a database, eliminating and filtering out the caches you dont want. With large databases, we can draw a polygon around an area that we want to attack and load only those caches. There is now the possibility of grabbing caches in an area in one step without a Pocket Query. And best of all I can use GSAK to quickly log all my caches in one step. It is quick and easy

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Can someone tell me the benefits of the newer version?


It connects directly to the Geocaching.com servers to download/update caches, to publish new logs, to add caches to bookmark lists and to add or remove favorite points, and to download logs for the caches that you have.

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Just used it to sort out over 2,500 caches down to 177 caches that will help me get 5 grids on the Delorme and 7 counties that I still need. I know all the caches will be fairly easy to get to and find without a lot of work, but not just park and grabs either. They will be in place and active. They will have been found within the last few months.


It would take me forever to try to do that without GSAK.

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If you keep your "my finds" database up to date, there are some uses that are just for fun:


Just find a new cache and wish you could remember the old one that you're sure was a few feet away?

Just make the new find the centerpoint and nearby caches, archived or active, will be right under it.


Want to re-live the memories of a state you cached in a few years ago?

You can sort for that. (By state OR date.)


Want to see how many of your first 100 finds are still active?

Easy with GSAK.


Oh, yes... I still use it to load bookmark lists to my gps for trip planning, just like I have for years.

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Being a relative noob to caching, I wondered why people used or needed GSAK since you could update coordinates on the GC.com site, run PQs and load them directly onto your GPSs etc.


Then I tinkered with it, still didn't really see the need for it, then found out how the local cachers use it....now I use it all the time.


Once you discover it's capabilities it becomes an indispensable caching tool.

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