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Birdie's Peach Jar Challenge 2

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Some of the older cachers may well remember that back in 2009, I organised the Birdie's Peach Jar Challenge - in which cachers were asked to hide a cache - and prizes were awarded in two categories.


This year after several requests, I've decided to organise another Peach Jar Challenge in a similar, yet oddly different, vein.


This time, all categories will be based on a "Fun Score" and whilst getting 1000s of visitors will be an advantage - those living in more rural bits of the UK will also be with an equal chance of winning.


Further details will be published shortly, in brief, The competition period will run between Xmas day this year and the following years Mega Event.


I'm hoping to have an International Category this year.


I've set up an online voting system in which Cachers who have done any of the Competition caches can vote on "How much Fun" they were - giving a score between 1 and 10.


I intend awarding the following prizes:


Caches must have at least 20 visits to be awarded a prize.


UK Highest Total Score - So a good cache with lots of Visitors should win this.

UK Highest Average Score - So caches in less populated parts have a chance to win.

UK Highest Total Score - None UK.

Cacher with most BPJC finds - so finders are in with a chance of winning something!


If any local caching groups would like to sponsor their own category - then please give me a shout and I'd be delighted to add them in to the list.


If any caching equipment/coin/tag/anything nice suppliers would like to sponsor a category (i.e. donate a prize) then I'd really love to hear from you.



2009 Forum Post here - http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=224636&st=0entry3977252


2009 Entries here - http://www.kammneves.co.uk/bpjc/



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Birdie's Peach Jar Challenge 2




Here we go - details of the challenge are linked above. My very grateful thanks to the companies who've sponsored prizes - it really is very much appreciated.


Any questions either on here, or via my caching profile.


Please copy details to other forums, Facebook groups etc.


Have fun and enjoy the Peaches!

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Bouncer and Trip have told me that we must enter. They are now sleeping on ideas. Watch out Norfolk!! and for those anywhere else in the country Norfolk is the big sticky out bit on the right.


Your caches are always fun SB. We are over half way through your caches now and we have loved them all so far :D

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