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Black Friday 2012 GPSr deals


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It's that time of the year again. Post your Black Friday deals on GPSr's


Gander Mountain - Dakota 20 Topo + Case bundle - $179.99 (after $50 mail-in-rebate)




Gander Mountain - Etrex 20 Topo + Case bundle - $179.99 (after $60 mail-in-rebate)



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Go with the Oregon 450 for it's bigger screen, but then I'm partial to it since that is what I have. Look at the 2 side by side and put a data field at the top of the map page on both units and you'll quickly see how noticeable the smaller screen size is. You won't always want a data field on your map page, but for that occasional time you do you'll be glad for the bigger screen.


We all have our own opinions but to me the only time the Dakotas would be advantagous over an Oregon would be if it was going to be used for nothing but hiking on extended trips. Dakota owners will certainly have a different opinoin.

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similarly - i am crossed between the etrex 20 vs oregon 450. i like the glonass feature of the etrex. here is a summary of my comparison:


both - paperless caching


etrex 20 - glnoass satellites (more the better?), i cache a lot in the woods (pacific northwest)


oregon 450 - chirp, Wherigo, bigger screen


if the oregon's accuracy (or perhaps reception?) going to get me to the cache as good as a etrex perhaps the bigger screen and Wherigo might be worth the extra $20.


i wish the answer was more definitive....

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wow nice quick responses.


i think you've sold me on the oregon 450


etrex 20 list price = $199 (on sale for $170) 15% savings

oregon 450 list price = $330 (on sale for $199) 40% savings!


either would be an upgrade to my current gpsmap60 (original, 2001 model). the grip rubber is almost all worn off; the buttons lost their paint and i only know which button to press by memory, plus some buttons have broken in half and are interesting to press. but it served me well (over 1400 caches), and stood up to plenty of drops (including one in the river).

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I never have a problem with the Oregon 550 (same internals as the 450) getting me within 5ft of a cache.


This is not possible.


5 ft of where it thinks I should be ;) Go away, come back, go away, come back, it always takes me to the same area. If the cache is 20 feet from there then the GPS reliably finds it 20 ft away, not 5 then 10, then 20, then 5. for me..

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