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GPSMAP 76 for sale

Guest napgravy
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Guest napgravy

I'm selling a mint-condition Garmin GPSMAP 76 GPS receiver. The unit doesn't have a single scratch on it - it is less than 6 months old. Included with the unit is the PC interface cable and wrist strap. Comes with the original box and all manuals.


For complete specifications, see:



Price $425 (Canadian funds) + actual shipping costs - FIRM.


Since I live in Canada, I'd preffer to sell it here to avoid possible cross-border hassles. If absolutely necessary, I will ship to the U.S. though.

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Guest napgravy

Forgot to mention that I'm also including an external amplified antenna with the above mentioned GPSMAP 76.


The antenna is magnetic and can be easily mounted on your car/boat/backpack etc...

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Guest napgravy

Originally posted by roadtrippin:

If you're still selling I am interested. You can email me at lprobbins@yahoo.com


I've sent email to you twice with no response. If you are still interested, you can reach me at gpsmap76 @ gravy.dhs.org

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Guest sidewinder

Boy! I can't beleive somebody hasn't snapped this cherry baby up yet. I sure would get it in a heartbeat if my ship would ever come in.



Lost and Found dept.

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