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Cacher Geocoin / Cacher Tag Geocoin - Information

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Do you know this coin?




The names of the upper eight editions can be read here.


The first name of this coin was "Cacher Tag Geocoin" but later it was renamed "Cacher Geocoin". It was produced by Castle Man, who - I think - doesn´t answer anymore.


There were at least eleven editions released.


If some of you can spread additional information about this coin, perhaps with photo and name of an edition, I would be happy about this.


I know this is only a micro coin, but in hands it is gorgeous. :wub:




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Horrible picture but retrieved from cointracking dot com




Great! Now we have thirteen editions but the valentino without a picture.

Still asking about better pictures and new editions.


Thanks BVnLJ


By the way. If someone wants to offer one of those please contact me.

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