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Micro containers


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I've seen more of those then the 35MM. When cachers hid sign posts caches those are all I see. once in awhile I'll see a pill bottle on a hook behind a sign.

I understand. Sounds like a localized thing. In my travels and geocaching, I've never seen one of those before as a cache container.


It appears that you're still rather new to the game. I would guess you will start to see other containers as you head out and about.


If it is replication of a cache container type that you are looking for, don't feel like you have to copy what you see in your area. Any container will do, technically. However, every cache should keep in mind a need to keep contents out of the elements. A good sealing container is best, and providing a waterproof log or plastic sealable bag around a logbook is a nice thing to have as well.


There's a lot more to hiding geocaches than meets the eye. What is common isn't always what is best. What is best is creating a cache that will last, and require you a minimum of maintenance.

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I have never seen that container. I wouldn't try and copy what you find out there as how many cachers are going to be impressed or give favorites out to another hide like they have already found? Not to say copying another cache couldn't be a great one but this don't look like a water tight one I would work on copying. If you already had that container and wanted to put it out so there would be another one, great! Personally I would not spend money on this. This is just my opinion and I will be happy to go find them if you do get the containers. If looking to buy a container I would go with something more water proof.


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Well I did find better ones on evilbay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/360493629242?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649


and they have a screw on lid.


Hard to tell from the pic, but if they are hard plastic, those are awful containers. Brittle, especially if it is cold, and they leak. If they are softer plastic then they may work.

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I've never seen that container either and from the looks of it I doubt it's very watertight. I agree with WarNinjas, why even consider copying what is so common? Make your cache special by finding an interesting place to hide it and using a quality container.


They fit snugly into the holes in these type of posts http://www.emedco.com/sign-posts-rm39.html


The problem is that after about 20 or so finds, the strip of plastic tethering the cap to the container breaks, then someone drops the cap in the dark and can't find it and you have to do a maintenance run. I have found more that were broken than I have that are intact.

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You get those anyway tha'ts the downside of living in a city where all the places to hid ammo cans and lock n locks are already taken. Sorry but I don't drive I don't have a car I don't have the luxury of driving 50 miles to a wooded area to hid caches.

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Well back to the drawing board. The magnets I ordered off of evil bay were too small.They were like 1/4 inch about the size of the micro watch batteries. when 20 of them were stacked they were strong but by themselves they were so weak that the magnetic field could hardly make it out of the plastic container and hot glue even though the magnets are Neodymium. So ordered 12 more containers and 20 more magnets of the same type but these are 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch thick. Should work better and this time will use superglue instead.

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Well the plastic is the softer type and is flexible. I did the water test by running the container under water and the toilet paper came out dry no water got in. the lid is a screw on type.

I do find comprehensive DIY write-ups interesting.

Running under water is a tad different than extended exposure to snow, snowmelt or rain. I'd give them a submersion test at least overnight to be sure. Plus, a write-in-the-rain logbook goes a long way to deal with dampness. Be sure to post about how they fare after some time in the wild.

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