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My Travel bug is no longer a dragon

Sol seaker

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I put out a travel bug that was a sort of a 8 legged dragon thing, and someone just reported that it's now a Sierra Nevada Brewing Company bottle opener.


Earlier on in it's travels someone reported that it's actually some popular animated character that I'm not aware of, so I'm surprised it really lasted this long.


When I set out my bugs I let go of them, knowing I'll never see them again, so I'm not really bothered by this. In fact, I'm glad it got traded out, and something else put on the travel tag rather than it just be stolen outright.

It's got a lot of miles on it and I can still see the miles pile up at this point.


I'm just curious if this happens often.


I haven't had any travel bugs get as far as this one so I've never seen this happen: trading travel bugs.




The guy who reported it said it came in handy. I guess at least I have a useful travel bug now. :laughing: :laughing:


(Edit for funny spelling error)

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I have a turtle TB where the turtle was also a bottle cap opener. At some point, a cacher found my TB - tag only, the turtle was missing. Luckily the cacher was nice enough to put a new turtle on the chain, so at least there's something with the tag now - just not a bottle opener anymore.


I guess I should be thankful that the turtle bottle opener was taken but the TB tag was left! :) Definitely appreciative that someone was willing to donate a new turtle.

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I'm just curious if this happens often.


My Megalodon Tooth Cachekinz Tag lost its "tooth" (a paper print-out photo and info sheet acrylic key fob) upon being placed into a cache container. The next cacher found only the tag. It later accumulated a surfboard and a laminated card. Last November, someone picked it up and died (or something).





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I sent out a little blue car as a TB and it got lost. Only the tag kept travelling on for a while until a German geocacher and his daughter replaced it with another lovely blue car. I haven't heard of the TB for a while, but I hope it is still safely travelling.


I set off another Tb with a cute keychain, and I invited geocachers to take the keychain and replace it with another one, whatever. It was a test to see how long it would last or if geocachers would do the trading. Unfortunately, the keychain got taken and I don't know what has happend to the TB tag.


I put out TBs knowing that chances are very good that they will not survive. No angst that way!

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I attach all my TB's with cable and a ferrule. Harder to remove that way. I will also frequently drill through the TB to attach said cable. This makes it less "collectible"

I designed my most recent TBs to be very secure, so the TB should stay attached. They were each picked up and have never moved since. :rolleyes:

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