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anyone have a garmin legend

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Got my legend and I love it,it's very rare that I have any trouble with it loseing sat.If you want to make it even better go to the garmin web site and upgrade the software from 2.37 to 2.38 you get something you did not have also.


I would follow my GPS to the gates of Hell if it pointed that way.

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I have been using my legend for just over 1 month. I have found it easy to program and manipulate with one hand, which is helpful on the trail or in the car. The legend has the interstates and state highways already loaded. This makes it very easy to use my legend to get to a cache site in an area I'm not familiar with. Definately big bang for the buck!

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Originally posted by FLEABANDIT:

i just bought one off ebay for $150 buy it now.


Checked Ebay for another auction with a buy it now of 150...Was that from an individual or ebay store or something? If they have more can you give me their email so I can see if they will sell me one for $150?




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I went from a yellow to a Legend (that should arrive today). One thing I noticed with the higher res screens when I borrowed a Legend, is that I will now need to carry one more piece of equipment with me...my reading glasses!!!


The big ol' fat text on the yellow is much easier to read for my aging babyboomer eyes. The fine resolution of the Legend is "fine" but Now I need to whip out the cheaters.

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I have the Garmin Map Source software and the Bryno has the Garmin Topo Software. We are duelling GPSrs going down the road. I know when to turn and he knows when to step on the gas or the brake. We don't even have to look at the road anymore! JK! icon_wink.gif The Legend does have the option of making the letters bigger on some of the functions (Navigate). It found us a great (!!!!) restaurant in Cape Cod only 1.94 mile from the cache.


Cache you later,


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The guy at that electronics shop in Old Town Kissimmee must've had it in his display case for ages if he was willing to go down to $85 for it...


My new Legend, I mean. icon_biggrin.gif With full manual and data cable. icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif


Don't hurt me too bad, though. My last was a Magellan 3000XL brick that had to have an active GOTO for the compass to work... and no, it didn't come with the box. That would've been REALLY evil. X-D


It really is an amazing unit, too. I borrowed MapSource Metroguide USA from a friend and my jaw's been on the floor ever since. Even my coworkers are impressed.


Can't go wrong with a high-end eTrex.



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