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Vandalized Cache X700

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I went in today to check on my cache(X700) and drop some sway, Sadly, this cache has been vandalized, all swag and the two log books with all the cachers who have signed over the years have been totally lost! The container was soaked and with a strong smell of urine. Absolutely disgusting, there was no way to retrieve the logs by drying them out, a terrible loss since this is an older cache. I plan to replace this week with hope that this will not happen again. What to do....

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I plan to replace this week with hope that this will not happen again. What to do....


First off...I would not put it in the same place as your "vandalized" cache was in. You should probably move it far enough away that it won't be obvious to whomever defiled it the last time. If it was a muggle who found it by accident? If someone actually located it by using the geocaching website, then you might consider becoming a "premium Member" and then only publish as a "PMO" cache. This would greatly reduce individuals who go on the geocaching website just to look for caches to destroy. I have made all of my caches PMO for that very reason. Good Luck!

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I had a bizarre incident at the beginning of the month in the same reservation. I went to check on one of my fake animal caches there and found a dead blue jay literally right next to the cache. I didn't see any wounds on the bird, so I'm not sure how it died, but I thought it was strange that it was literally lying right next to my cache. While I certainly hope someone wouldn't place a dead bird next to the cache as a sick joke, you never really know with kids today. Anyways, I fortunately was able to dispose of the bird before another cacher had to make the sad and gruesome discovery.


As for the X700, I found it at the beginning of the month and it was ok at the time. Not sure how a muggle would randomly stumble upon that cache. Personally, I wouldn't put out an ammo can there unless I knew the cache wasn't going to be muggled right away again. A cheap lock n lock might be the better route to go initially. And if lasts awhile, perhaps then switch it to an ammo can? Anyways, sorry to hear about the cache, and best of luck with the replacement.

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