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Indianapolis Geocachers, I'd love some suggestions!

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Hey guys, first post in the forums! A bit of background before my question - I started geocaching over the summer back in my hometown in Minnesota, but now I'm back in college in Indianapolis and am unfamiliar with the area.


Basically, I have a date on Tuesday with a girl I'd like to impress (I thought geocaching would be a pretty cool second date). However, I'm unfamiliar with the Indianapolis area. It was easy over the summer to find places to geocache because I lived in a suburban area with plenty of parks around.


However, I don't really know where to look in Indy for good places to geocache. Ideally, we would go to an area and be able to sink an hour or two into hunting caches and not have to change locations to find more caches. Are there any places in the Indianapolis area that have a good number of caches and are sufficiently outdoorsy / not too urban? Any good parks around the area that you guys can confirm would fit my description?

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I second the suggestions of the White River Canal area and Crown Hill Cemetery, both are fantastic areas to explore. Another to add to the list is the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Not only is the museum itself pretty darn amazing, but the grounds are lovely and sprawling, with lots of outdoor artwork and caches to be found.


Welcome to Geocaching, and welcome to Indianapolis! We're event junkies in this area, so hopefully we'll get a chance to meet you at a future geo-event. :)

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