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So confused! My coin is in South Africa?!

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I bought two geocoins from a member here on the forum and he transferred them to me. I just received an email stating that the coin is in South Africa! I have it upstairs with my geo-stuff so it can't be in South Africa! I'm so confused...any thoughts? Also, I know I'm not supposed to post the code...should I post something else for reference? Thank you!


ETA: Okay, sorry...not sure if there is a way to delete my posts. I guess I should have 'researched' a bit before posting in a panic, lol. I never really paid attention to the coin's page as I figured since I had the coin in my possession, there wouldn't be any current travels for it. I think I get it now. :)

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Ohhhh...I just read the blurb written by the original owner. I haven't done anything with the coin and didn't realize that he put out a copy to travel. So I guess I wouldn't be able to send the coin out, ever, since it's already out there, in a manner of speaking?


It says I can use: TBV7RF to reference the coin!


ETA: I'm thinking I should update the coin's page? And if so, I'm not sure how to go about doing that...I don't see any place to edit it.

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in the upper right hand corner of your geocoins web-page, you should see the option to "Edit your Trackable" It should look something like this:


Trackable Options

Add a Log Entry

*Edit This Trackable

Remove from Watchlist

Upload an Image

Print Info Sheet

View in Google Earth


You have to be logged onto Geocaching.com to do any editing though.

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Don't worry.

Your coin is safe with you and out in the caches there is a copy, so you can just relax and watch its travels.


Should the copy ever go missing, you can still send out the original or another copy, but let some time (like a year or so) go past, before you send out another item with this number.

I had coins reapearing even after quite some time.

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If you ever decide that you don't want the Copy geocoin to be out travelling, just wait until it's "in the hands of" a geocacher, email them and ask them to destroy the Copy for you.

Ahhh...brilliant, thanks! I suppose it's rather cool that it traveled from the USA all the way to South Africa; I imagine I should just let it go where it may! :) (now that I'm over the, 'OMG! What's going on?!' moment)

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