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Want your Geocoin to visit Antarctica

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Is it possible to have it left in Antarctica? I have sent out a large number of coins with missions to Antarctica, but none have made it yet. I would like to have the coin dropped in the cache and left for people to discover. Like all coins that I send out, I have wishes for it, but I understand that once it leaves my hands, it finds its own fortune.

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Am I the only one who is nervous about this?? The OP has only discovered one cache and yet everyone seems fine with sending coins to them..... Am I missing something here?? sorry if this seems overly paranoid but I have had trackables go missing, both mine and those that I have moved on, and I am very wary of where I leave them because I count myself responsible until they have been moved on by someone else....


I did send a message to the OP asking why they only had only found one cache along with some other questions. The other questions were answered but no answer to the lack of cache finds...


Sorry, a great idea in principle but I think I'll be passing on this....

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Like I said, it is a risk I am not willing to take, sorry. You may be completely genuine and I am sure that I will be kicking myself when the others send you trackables and they get logged in Antarctica, but I would not be willing to send any sort of valuables to someone I didn't know unless they were of good standing in the community. If you had 200 posts on here, or had logged a couple of hundred caches then I would not have so much of an issue.

It has been known for people to join geocaching just to find trackables then go out and harvest them, it doesn't happen a lot, but it DOES happen.


I just like to play it safe.....

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