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Any 'must-do IOW caches?

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I am off for a holiday on IOW for half term week (don't ask why :ph34r: )!

I am going with family so it is not a caching holiday, but will get the opportunity to do a few whist I am there.

Can any of the locals or previous holidaymakers suggest one 'Must Do' cache on the island?

(I will be going to Alum Bay anyway so will get the Earthcache there)


Cheers in advance


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The IOW is a rare island I've not cached on (last visit was when Right Said Fred were at number 2 in the charts, so it's fair(brass) to say it was BC; before caching) but since no one else is coming forward, I suggest doing a search for high Favo(u)rite Point scoring caches on the island, as a guide to what to make a beeline for. Have a fun trip. I hope the weather is kind to you :)

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My favourite place in the UK and where many of my favourite points have gone! The 2 hidden at Blackgang have lovely views. We enjoyed wondering round Sandown and Shanklin picking up some of the Nostalgia series (especially for non caching family members)and for sheer cheekiness it is Beautiful Beaches - Shanklin, it's a micro but trying to retrieve it........

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I love the Isle of Wight and recently had a short break there.


There is a cache right outside the Spyglass Inn in Ventnor which makes for a good excuse for some cracking lunch and a pint.


The Alum bay Earth Cache is a must, as is the Needles Battery if you want to stump up the £10 entry .

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Well finds are up to 497 thanks to Kellingly Pit Walk series, just need to make sure I get 2 more before Alum bay!


Delta68 - great blog - I wish I had the time, money and partner who caches like that!


Sounds like the Needles battery is worth a visit - although there are 9 of us so may cost more than £10!


Now it all depends on the weather... Looks like it will be cold & dry (mostly)

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