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Toggle between new/old Submission page

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I made a page using the new submission page but did not enable. Now I want to go back and add the text, but when I hit edit I see the old style page submission. Can I toggle to the new style that has the HTML editor?

The new submission form is only useful for the initial pass on the page. Once you set up a page using the new form the old form is the only form that can be used for editing the page.

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Just before the description box there is a checkbox to enable HTML. Maybe thats what you want want?


No. the box only tells the form that you are entering code, you still have to write the html code. The new submission form has an html "editor". You type and format it how you want using controls like in a word processing program. When you save it, it writes the code behind the scenes.


To answer the OP question, you can't currently use the new form to edit. If you use a browser like Firefox, you can load a add-on that will give you what you want. I use "Write Area". After it is installed, you right click in the text box and choose the "Edit in Write Area". The exact same editor that GC.com uses loads up, (only half of the controls are not disabled). Type and format as you wish and click Save. It will write the code and insert it in the text box.


When I first tried to use the new form I noticed that one of the formatting features that I use on all my pages was disabled in the GC.com editor. I gave up, saved it and opened it in the old form and did it with the add on editor. I honestly hope they never take the old form away.

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