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Our reviewer(s) are great


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I short note about our reviewer. I recently listed a cache that was rejected due to proximity to a puzzle cache. On three separate occasions I posted coordinates and they were rejected. Turns out, the puzzle cache had old data in the waypoints section that differed from where the cache really was hidden. The reviewer responded quickly each time and even worked with me and the cache owner to get the data corrected, and the new cache published.


I see lots of complaints about reviewers, and just wanted to post a positive note for a change.

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Our reviewer is great! I was waiting for a placement of someone's puzzle cache so I could figure out what locations were available to me. Our reviewer sent me a personal message within minutes of publishing the cache, letting me know that it was available to be found. I really appreciated that she remembered that I was working on a cache placement and took the time to keep me in the loop :D

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Oh no, WE'VE got the BEST reviewers here!!!



We do really have great reviewers. They work hard and are really prompt.


I had a friend publish a cache... he said jokingly, "Why hasn't it been published yet?" It had been less than 20 minutes since he submitted it. He was joking because he was excited about his cache and that was his way of showing it. He knew it could be three days.


Right after he said that my phone went off, announcing a new cache in the area. It was his. :laughing: He couldn't believe it happened so quickly.


The reviewers here are always polite and professional in their prompt relies and inquiries.


There has got to be no better group of volunteers anywhere on the planet!!


These are good people who put up with a whole lot from all the cachers.

They are the unsung hero's of this game.


I appreciate you creating a thread to acknowledge them.


Thank You Reviewers!!!


Cascade Reviewer

Rock Rabbit

Wizard of Ooze

Barking Frogz

And all the rest!!!

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I like our reviewers. They try to be fair and explain what is wrong with your cache and what can be done to be better. They help when there are caches that need help and being neglected. Yes they make mistakes but we all do. I don't think I would trade ours in for anyone else.

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