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A Cache for Felix Baumgartner

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Watching the Stratos Project of a world known energy drinks company (I don´t want to advertise here, so I don´t name them) one idea came to my mind. If he succeedes his incredible jump from around 120.000 ft, someone should place a cache on the ground at the exact coordinates where Felix will jump of his capsule and start his insane freefall! It´s incredible and if you can later stand on that place where a man jumped from 120.000 ft above your head, this would be really awesome I think. Anyone from around Roswell, NM interested? :)

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Funny thing... I was unable to find an online plot of his track, and didn't want to waste time looking for one, so I had GE on and was plotting points ate about 5,000 ft increments once the capsule got high... sad to say the information on the website was highly variable and changing. Any way I did mark their best information at the time of the jump, just about as he stepped off.


Can't vouch for the accuracy as I said, but... N 33 20.400 W 103 46.818 (converted from 33.34000 -103.78030) as shown on the screen. That appears to be over farmland of some sort. One also has to consider if the position data was subject to the same twenty second delay the video was... so it could be off quite a bit.


I'd be fairly sure someone was tracking it better than they were showing.

EDIT: Just dropped back to post some things.

First a screen shot cropped from my GE plot. Shows the top end of the flight as best as it was offered by the site. I marked the JUMP spot based on that. This evening, I watched the landing videos and have placed a yellow ? in the area I figure was the rough landing spot (based on the crowfoot road visible and some of the other features.) It is all rough based on their information and my interpretation. The looping is fairly common in HA balloon flights.




Oh, the other thing is only two in 11 km to the guessed coordinates above... nearest is GC15VWW.


Edit 2: Answer was posted on KC's link, not to sure of that accuracy either, personally, but my guess was about .56 km north and slightly east... not bad for what I was working with. That was given as DMS equivalent to N 33 21.483, W 103 47.083 I did that with Fizzycalc.(DMS to DM)

That was for the landing spot.


Doug 7rxc

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I didn't notice the contest for 'pin the tail on the Landing Zone'... that was another problem though, doing it without being supplied information. Wonder who won that, I assume that the coordinates came from the results. Guess I need to go look at them.


Still a fine jump, I think. I've made many, pushed a few, but had no more than interest in that one since I read the NGS article on Joe Kittinger way back when. Hope someone does two caches, Jump point and LZ, they are close enough together and miles from the nearest ones. Permission would be the only need, and the will to do it. I can't though, too far away!


Edit: How about 'Mind the First STEP!' and 'Touchdown!' for names.


Doug 7rxc

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Ah, guys, haven´t been online for ages here now, but great to read all those posts! "Unfortunately" I am from Germany, so I can´t hide the caches either ... the rough estimates of the coordinates would be fine by me just to kind of create a "GC-Monument" for the event. There doesn´t seem to be one already by the way, so ... chances are still good to get this special opportunity. ;)

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