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Google Earth Street View

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Oh, this should be fun! Google Street view is very helpful in some cases with marks.


Do the ones I found already at least.





DL6069 & TU3023



TU3042 & TU0853



Heres what the two look like up close:




And some that I tried to get on a vacation:


Passed by this without knowing it when going elsewhere: TU0853



Attempted to photo this, but traffic was ridiculously bad and I didn't even attempt to cross. DI2801



I almost got arrested by the MP's from the base next door trying to take a picture of this one: TU0650(?)


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In order to log a mark you need to be sure it is the mark you think it is. To do that you need to read any markings on the disk that tell you what it is. On GC there are a lot of logs of the reference marks or a different mark from the one that it is suppose to be.


Street view is great for scoping out the location to compare with the description and to see if there is a place to get off the road etc.


Any log made only from street view would be unreliable.

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