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Black Swans — again ?

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A while back, I came across a bunch of expatriate, Australian Black Swans living in Thailand. I suggested that we create a category for these exiled, noble creatures—swans forced by circumstance to live outside the Commonwealth of Australia. This idea of mine did not fly, some even deemed it to be bird-brained (a little like when I am back home with my 2x sis-in-laws).


Well, I came across another colony of these patrician avians in the southern Chinese city of Kunming. These guys live in a pond surrounding the Apple store (that is the computer gadget people, not the fruit apple people)—talk about your quality real estate. The birds are fed vet approved food, they live in a kennel (kennel? It looks like a kennel), local school kiddies come by to feed them and interact, plus a vet visits once a month to give these free loaders a medical checkup. What a life!


I was tempted to ask my interlocutor if I could move in, but I decided not to.


Is it time we revisit this new category idea?






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While I sympathize with your cause, Ian, I think prevalence and permanence might be problems for such a category. I've got some photos of some gorgeous black swans in Chapultepec Park in Mexico City. They were taken in 1964, and I didn't have my Garmin with me, so I guess I can't use them for a waymark. Oh, well.

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