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Hello, I am nzbeeker. I am interested in creating my own geocoin, and stamping with a unique code to track the item.

Is there a database I can check to see if the code is already in use? I have read the FAQ's and not quite found what I need to answer my questions.

The FAQ's point me to manufactures webpages... However, I want to create my own... have them registered as a live trackable, and deploy them in my area...


The info I have found so far, with regard to registering a geocoin, all suppose I have found one that is already live and deployed... and want to register that I have found it. I want to create a new coin (a miniature gold bullion looking item...) that is stamped with my coding... and deploy...


Can someone please advise how I can register these and set them as live items please?



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Just noticed the word Tadpol under my profile photo... How did that get there?


If you want just one tracking code, to put onto one geocoin, you could buy any fairly cheap travel bug tag and use that tracking number for your coin. (However, this does mean that your coin will then have the icon associated with the tracking tag.)



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