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"Rare" icons

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After the mad scramble for icons at the MEGA - I was just wondering who the SA cachers are who have some of these "rarer" icons


How many have attended a MEGA previously (and where)?

Any Groundspeak HQ finders in SA?

anyone with an APE cache find?

Anyone been to a Geocaching maze?Anyone with a Locationless (I thin there used to be one in Nelspruit - so I guess Andy?


Or any of the other icons?

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In SA we have

Locationless = zero (all archived)

Benchmarks = zero (a US based option only)

Webcams = zero

Virtuals = 7 (one of which is disabled and dangerously close to becoming archived - unless someone can contact Metro Nomad and get the cache active again)

APE = zero

GPS Adventure Exhibit, Block Party, HQ etc. are all US based only = zero in SA


At least we have held a MEGA now - and it is probable we'd do it again.


i just wonder if there are any SA cachers (like The Tricky's) who have found some of the these cache types.


I have a few Webcam finds - and have also found a few Virtuals outside of SA. But none of the others.


Also - has any SA cacher been to the "Original Cache Location" in the US?

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I've been fortunate enough to do the GPS Adventure Exhibit, and Groundspeak HQ caches while visiting Seattle a few years ago. I also did webcam in the USA and have a few of the virtuals (in SA and USA). I did also do a letterbox hybrid in the USA (I think there are a few of these locally too).


I am really disappointed that I missed the Mega [:(]. Sounds like it was a great event.


Still trying to make a plan for a Wherigo - hopefully next month.

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The GPS Adventure Exhibit was interesting: an indoor pseudo-cache hunt (since a GPSr wouldn't work) through a maze with various displays on aspects of caching (how satellite nav systems work, older methods of navigation, typical cache containers, hides, etc.). I thought it would be a very good way to introduce someone to caching, and it was very kid-friendly.


The HQ visit was good too. They normally try to schedule group visits on Friday afternoons, but I was only there earlier in the week so they allowed me just to pop in. They have an enormous chest full of trackables from all over the world, and some other fun stuff (the building had a giant TB tag on it for example). Everyone was busy working when I was there, so I didn't see too much else, but it was nice to visit (and get the rare icon).


I was reliant on public transport while there, so the APE cache didn't arise as a possibility, unfortunately.

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