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Garmin Rino 120 serial-to-USB adapters

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Not long ago, I bought a Rino 120 from a fellow cacher; the unit worked fine (normally) for quite a while, despite a cracked screen bezel. When I bought it, they also included the serial cable (4-pin DIN) and the serial-to-USB adapter and the software for it. The software installed in my laptop (or seemed to), but when I plugged in the cable to the adapter (I forgot the manufacturer) and then to my laptop, it wouldn't accept it; wouldn't connect. According to the people I bought it from (yes, they're very trusted cachers; he's also a balloonist & was using it because of the radio), it worked just fine in their computer, running Win 7 - mine has Vista Home Basic.


I've since sent the unit in to Garmin for out-of-warranty repairs (replace the screen & antennas), but as I said, I misplaced the original serial cable (I still have the adapter, though).


Are there any serial-to-USB adapters out there that I could get (I've since 'misplaced' the original serial cable, so I'll have to get another one of those, too) that would be compatible with USB 2.0 (my laptop's pretty old - Acer Aspire 5315)?


Mike Belanger


Prescott, AZ.

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