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Saying good bye to my coins

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It occurred to me today as I began packing up my coins to ship out that I will probably never see these coins again. Not such a big deal I suppose, I don't collect them anymore, but these were part of my life. Some of you, from way back, will remember me as UOTrackers "Brae", I used to design coins. I started with coins the year my daughter was born. Well actually I started geocaching on December 25, 2005 and learned about geocoins by January 1st. Like most of you I was seriously interested, you might even say I was obsessed. Obsessed with having some, then with having my own and finally with designing them. I did ok too, with designing I mean. I met a lot of you at GW5. I made some very good friends. I designed while my daughter was a baby, and with each new design I kept one of my "Artist Editions" (are they still called that?). I put them all aside so that one day I could show her what I used to do. I've now sold almost my entire portfolio. Including my favorite coins, the VW racers, I especially loved the black one, I called it the Stealth Mobile. Do you name your coins? I look at these coins and I wonder how many hours did I spend designing, checking ebay, reading all the forums, checking coin tracking sites...I took all those hours from my daughter, and then I suppose if I had worked a regular job during that time I would have been away anyway. It's still hard. Looking at all these coins and knowing I wont be looking at them again. I guess it's the full circle (ha irony, geocoins are or once were round) I took time away from my daughter to create them and now I am selling them in order to pay legal fees in my custody battle to have more time with her. Thanks for the memories.

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You didn't take time away from your daughter.

You did at the time, what made you happy and fullfilled. That's an important feeling even a baby can detect unconciously. She will be calmer and happier for a happy mom.


While my children were small I had so much time on my hands, I made jam from wild fruits collected in the hedgerows, I knitted our socks, hads and scarfs. I even made bead jewelery.

I honestly don't know now, how I fitted all this into my day with two toddlers and a three acre "garden", as well as having an active live with toddler group, swimming once a week, meeting other mothers.


Nowadays my children are 15 and 17, the only attention they like from me is: Mama, give me some money.

So where is my free time for all these crafts I used to do?


It must be hard to be in a custody battle, but you never took time away from your little girl.

And still you can show her pictures of your projects. My jam is eaten, your coins live on and sometime you even might find them out in a cache travelling.


Whishing you all the best! Keep your head up and try to find some positiv sides to your situation, as bad as it seems.

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